Fire Away – Chris Stapleton

I know, I know, another music post. But bear with me. It comes with an important message.

If you recall my previous post, you’ll remember that I’m a sucker for good lyrics. This song was kind of like that but also kind of not. If that makes any sense. The lyrics didn’t connect with me until after Chris released it as a single and filmed the video. The lyrics are simple and when Chris sings them, they’re absolutely beautiful.



Honey load up your questions
And pick up your sticks and your stones
And pretend I’m a shelter for heartaches
That don’t have a home
Choose the words that cut like a razor
And all that I’ll say

Is fire away
Take your best shot
Show me what you got
Honey, I’m not afraid
Rear back and take aim
And fire away

Well, I wish I could say
That I’ve never been here before
But you know and I know
That I’ll always come back for more
Your love might be my damnation
But I’ll cry to my grave

Fire away
Take your best shot
Show me what you got
Honey, I’m not afraid
Rear back and take aim
And fire away

Fire Away – Chris Stapleton (video)

Amazing right? But admittedly not something that originally stuck with me. It took his vision for the video to do that for me. Here’s why… I’m a depressant. It’s just a part of who I am, it started in high school and has never truly gone away. Sure some days it’s harder than others but mostly, I’m just me. I’ve never been extremely bad, but it’s there, a hidden part of me. This video highlights mental illness and especially depression. It originally came with a PSA attached but after so many views, they took the PSA off from the beginning, I’m not exactly sure why. Personally, I feel like it’s still needed.

Now every single time I hear this song, I think about how strong I am. And about how much, I want other’s voices to be heard. No one is ever truly alone. And yet, not everyone knows your story if you’re suffering. Because we’ve been taught to not speak of these things by society and that’s not okay. 

The lyrics accompanied by it’s video made me see how silent we really are when it comes to mental illness. I guess what I’m trying to say is this.

You. Are. Not. Alone. 

Don’t ever feel like you can’t talk to someone, anyone. Even a stranger. Someone is always willing to listen. Message me, I’ll talk to you. I like to talk, just ask my friends. Or call this number. It’s for the National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255 and people answer those phones 24/7.

Another amazing organization is Project Semicolon. If you’d like more info on them, click here.

Remember, you are loved. And tomorrow will always be a brighter day.

I know this was a deep post, I promise for the rest of the week, they’ll be more upbeat. ❤

Let’s talk about music… 

Besides reading, writing, binge-watching Supernatural, and wasting time on Facebook, (who doesn’t?) you can find me listening to music.

I’m in love with music. Pretty much all music too. Depending on the day, I can listen to anything from say The Beatles, Marilyn Manson to Eric Church.

But what I really am… Is a lyric junkie. I always have been. The lyrics to a song can make or break it for me. If I don’t like the lyric, I don’t connect.

And here’s why.

The lyrics have a way of making that song, stamp my life. I’ve had many ups and so many downs in my life. Every single one of them can be attached to a song. Because music plays that big of a part in my life. It’s always on. There’s rarely a day that I don’t listen to it. If I do, it feels funny. My day feels off. 

So I’m going to share with you a few songs that have weaved their way together with my soul.

1. An Irish Blessing -Traditional

The lyrics are simple. And beautiful. They take me back to high school and my special select honors chorus. It was small, they’re were normally 18-22 of us. And all ladies. Because we were a select choir we met officially for class before school started. We had to report to school at the bright and early time of 645 am. But you know what? None of us complained. Because it was our choice to audition and be selected. We knew the cost beforehand. I miss those mornings. Those friendships that we made in the am, are still some of my most treasured ones till this day. We may not talk often but when we do, we pick up where we left off. This song was how we closed every single performance. Whether it was a concert or one of our community bookings, Blessing was always our ending. The last time we sang it together my senior year, was one of the saddest most beautiful days, ever. And you better believe I can still sing this song from beginning to end.

2. Foolish Games – Jewel

Ah, this song brings back memories of my first love. I was 19 and thought that I was in love with this man. He’s was 24, and I thought he was so grown-up. Y’all he played me for a fool! The fucker was married. Yup. Married. He was a co-worker of mine and we’d been dating for about a month, when one day we’re sitting at lunch and he says something about his daughter doing the cutest thing. Aca-cuse me? Your daughter? Say what? Shocked doesn’t begin to cover what I was feeling in that moment. Anyway, Jewel was playing on the radio and I was about to find out how true her lyrics were to my life. The next words out of his mouth (after I asked about the daughter I knew nothing about) were… “oh, I thought I told you I was married with a little girl.” Back the fuck up buddy. Back the fuck up. Nope. You sure as fuck didn’t. But you know thanks for sparing me from making a bad decision. Peace out.

3. Why Not Me? – The Judds

This one goes back to when I was 14. Wynonna Judd was/is an inspiration to me. Naomi is too but, Wynonna is where the real talent is. Her voice. Wow. Talk about some pipes. I’ve seen Wy countless times but the first time was my freshman year in high school. Actually it was the summer before. My parents had gotten me a front row ticket. On the way to the concert, I asked if we could stop so that I could get some flowers for Wy. Of course they said yes. Quickly picking out some yellow roses, we were back on the road. It’s over halfway through her show and I still haven’t worked up the nerve to give her the roses. My mom kept urging me too but I was nervous. What if she said something? What if I couldn’t say anything back? Then one of the guys that went to the concert with us run up to the stage and asked for a hug. That was my cue to go. If Rick could run up and ask for a hug, surely I could hand her some flowers. Well… She called me up on stage instead of taking them from me. She wanted to talk to me more. (Did I mention, I was crying? ‘Cause I was.) She asked my name and I may have blurted out my love for her and how much I looked up to her. But I’ll never forget her words to me. She told me to never stop believing in my dreams and always keep reaching for them. She then sang “Why Not Me?”  That was my first time meeting her. I’ve meet her several times now over the last twenty years and she always remembers me. I’ve even moved up from crying, to actually singing a song with her and her band. Best. Day. Ever.

4. Imagine – John Lennon

There are a whole bundle of different memories connected to this song. Most of them are sad. 9/11 for instance. The mass shooting in the LGBT club in Orlando. The war in Syria. Basically any act of violence that happens brings these lyrics front and center in my mind. I can’t help but think about what the world could be like if we all took these simple lyrics to heart. We’re built for love. Not hate.

5. Riser – Dierks Bentley

This song is me. Every strum of Bryan’s lead guitar. Every beat of Steve’s drums. Every strum of Cass’ bass. Every slide of Tim’s steel guitar. Every strum of Dan’s guitar. Every raspy word sung by Dierks. These lyrics sing to my soul. On my last trip to Nashville in May, I had the “Riser” phoenix and song title permanently inked on my body. The last lyric is very fitting for me. “Survivor.” 

6. I Want it That Way – The Backstreet Boys

Laugh all you want. I love me some bsb. I’ll listen to them forever. This song brings back some AMAZING memories. Back when traditional radio stations were big (before Sirius) they gave away some huge prizes. I mean these contests were insane. My bestie and I worked together at the time; my shift had just ended and she had to stay until close. Anyway, you had to hear 3 bsb songs in a row and be the 1005th caller to win a trip to LA to see them. In my car on the way home, guess what I heard? THREE BSB SONGS! So I’m calling and trying. Busy signal after busy signal. I hurried up and called my friend at work, told her which songs they were and to call. In the meantime I kept calling. Once I got home, I locked myself in my bedroom to keep calling. Finally I got through but I was caller 999! Fuuuuuuck. Oh well, I figured I’d wait to listen to see who won. Before they played who won, my friend called me and asked if they played who won yet. I told her no but thanks for trying. She screamed at me that she won. I screamed back and called her a liar. As soon as the words left my mouth I heard her voice coming through the radio. The bitch had really won. Holy shitballs. Of course she took me. And we flew to LA to see them on their sold-out tour. We explored all over Anaheim and went to Disneyland all before going to the concert. It was so much fun. And you bet your ass, I still go see bsb in concert. And we both got in trouble at work for her using the company phones to call and win a radio contest. It was totally worth it.

I could keep listing songs and how they’ve imprinted on my life but I’ve probably shared enough for today. I’d like to know some of yours. Do you have a particular favorite at the moment? A wedding song? First date? Please share. ❤️