Adventures on the road with D.B. 

I’m a traveler.

Or at least I like to think of myself as such. Counting this year, I’ve been a “snowbird” for 3 years. We started our grand journey cross country late this fall, and instead of leaving in October we’ve only left this last week.

Yesterday was… interesting.

After we left Michigan, we stayed in Indiana for a few days, while a couple of things were looked over on the 5th wheel. Once all was well, (or as good as it will be until the spring) we left for the open road and the city lights of Nashville.

If you know anything about me, you should know that I love Nashville. It’s hard to explain but it’s like as soon as I step out of the vehicle, the city calls to me, telling me that I’m home. Okay, cheesy moment over. Let’s get to the good stuff. The creepy stuff. Yep. Creepy stuff.

Our drive through Indiana was for the most part uneventful. We waved while driving by the Vera Wang warehouse, cried while passing by the Ulta warehouse, and even shed a few tears when we passed the Nestle bunny.

It all started once we crossed the Kentucky state line. Literally.

Louisville is normally a nice drive for us, we love looking at all the cool architecture while checking out the skyline. We like passing the airport, ballpark, cute little shops, etc. Yesterday was no different in that aspect. It was still fun. But, we were greeted with a big traffic delay on the bridge leading into the city. All was well, Mama & myself were watching the people in neighboring vehicles, (I’m talking to you truck full of hot Army dudes!) all while keeping an eye on Pops behind us in the truck pulling the 5th wheel. Traffic eventully shifted into one lane, but that was okay. It wasn’t that long of a delay, besides we could use the little break it gave us. Once we came upon the source of said delay, the tables turned. It was what appeared to be a one truck accident. Mama and I were checking out the damage and not paying attention to the traffic MOVING ahead of us. We were stopped dead. Causing the traffic behind us to stay stopped as well. While we gawked at the damage of the accident causing the delay in the first place. What broke us out of our trance was a big, and I mean big, police officer screaming at us to move.

We should’ve known then our adventure was taking a turn.

After passing through Louisville fairly quickly, we lost Pops. Yes people, we completely 100% lost my dad. He went one way when the highway split (the wrong way, I might add) while I went the other. So, I pulled off to the side of the highway right after the split while Mama called him. We nearly died. Do not ever stop on the side of the highway. At least not where it splits. At least move a little further ahead. Every single time a semi passed in those few seconds, I thought my little car was going to be ripped in half. Before the phone call to Pops was finished, I was pulling back into traffic. Screw it, he could meet up with us later. So that’s what we did. We drove about 15 miles and met him further on. We also made him turn on his directions so that he wasn’t lost if he was seperated from us again. Disaster averted. For now.

About an hour later, we’re singing along to the radio, when I glance up into my rearview window. What I saw scared me. Correction. What I saw creeped me the fuck out. Why? Because it was the same semi that had been behind me for awhile now. (Pops was behind him.) Normally this wouldn’t scare me. Not at all. I’m cool with semitrucks. I dig ’em. Just not this one.

Nope. Nope. Nope. 

Do you remember the movie Joyride w/Paul Walker? It’s about two brothers on a roadtrip who mess around with a trucker on the cb radio. Let’s just say that what happens isn’t pretty.

And this semi behind me?

It’s similar to the semi from Joyride. Not the same colors but it scares me just the same. Why? Because every time I glance up, it’s gaining speed and nearly eating my car. Think I’m lying? Uh eh, am not.


During my mini freakout, I grabbed my phone and took a video of the truck in my rearview. (I know, I know, it was dangerous. Sorry, but I needed proof!) So what do I do next? Slow down of course. Because I wanted this truck to pass me. I wanted him gone. Buh-bye, see ya later, that’s all folks! Instead of mearly passing me he gains speed, and almost eats my car, again.

What should I do now? Speed up? Change lanes? Slow down and pull over?


Before I can voice my struggles out loud, he makes the choice for me. He finally passes me. Whew. Bye dude. It was nice knowing ya. Kinda. Maybe. Okay, I’m lying, it wasn’t nice knowing you!

Phew, I can breathe again.

By now though, Pops needs to stop for gas. So we pull over in Elizabethtown. Our stop takes us around twenty minutes and we’re back on the road. It won’t be long now before we see the Nashville skyline. Crossing over the Tennesee state line, Mama needs to use the restroom so we stop at the welome center. I’m putting the car into park, while glancing up into the rearview mirror again, to see where Pops parked.

Holy. Shit. The. Semi. Pulled. In. And. Parked. Right. Next. To. Pops. 

I’m yelling to Mama about the truck. Freaking-the-fuck-out. While at the same time trying to hide behind my steering wheel.

How did he end up behind us again? What are the odds that he’d park next to Pops? Is he following us? OMG is it like Joyride for real, only ya know, without the cb radio?

Mama is laughing at me, while she gets out of the car. She’s not waiting for me to attempt to make myself smaller and disappear. She has to use the restroom. So do I, but you know, I want to live. But I mean, it’s only a movie right? So I get out of the car and hurry as fast as I can, inside the building. When we make it back outside, Pops is waiting for us with Teagan (our dog). Mama pulls him to the side and points out the truck and tells him the story. The both laugh at me.

I mean, I guess it’s funny.

And maybe I watch too many movies.


Pirates. ARGH!

Let’s take a moment to talk about pirates.

Sadly, I’m not talking about Captain Jack Sparrow. Although we can take a teeny tiny second to appreciate all the goodness below.


Okay, eye-candy session over. Back to business. Pirates suck. Unfortunately once you hit publish (sometimes even before) someone is bound to upload your book baby to an illegal pirating site. I’d love to say this hasn’t happened to me but it has. Seventeen Days was uploaded a day before it was live. That means that someone who was trusted with an ARC copy by either myself or the promotions company I hired, posted it before anyone was able to buy it. Did this hurt my sales? Yes. Sadly, I’ll never know exactly how much.

Why am I bringing this to light 10 weeks after the fact? Because I just spent the last couple of hours blasting a site that has my book, (my precious book!) posted on their website page by page for anyone to read. For free. When I offer my book for free if you subscribe to kindle unlimited. When I also am more than likely to offer you a copy to read via Instafreebie out of the goodness of my heart.

Pirates suck.

They make me feel like shit. Like no matter what I do, I’ll never win against them.


So today instead of spending the day reading & resting after getting eight pain injections in my back, I’ll spend it using Blasty looking for pirated copies of my book. Sigh.

Two months…

It seems like only yesterday that Seventeen Days was released into the wild. AKA kindles everywhere. But in reality it’s been two months. 

Two months, in which I’ve asked countless times if I’m dreaming.

Two months, since I’ve been able to officially call myself an indie author.

Two months, for readers to fall in love with Harrison & Morgan.

Two months, since the day I sat numbly in shock while Colleen frickin’ Hoover shared my book on her Facebook page.

Two months, and a handful (26th posted yesterday!) of reviews on Amazon.

Two months, since my life changed for the better.

Two months, y’all.

Two months. 

It all started with a knife…

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. You’re eyes haven’t deceived you.

A couple of nights ago, I was awake all night long. My back issues kept me up and I was unable to sleep. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get comfortable. My sleeping medicine, kicked in but wasn’t working because I couldn’t stay in the same spot long enough to actually fall asleep. Ugh, it’s the worst. Anyway…

I have this list of names to someday use for characters. Along with a head full of ideas. During one of my comfy 10 minute spots, I was glancing through the list of names when  a knife entered my thoughts. (Oh the thoughts we authors have!) All I saw in my head was a huge knife dripping with blood. Suddenly one of the names clicked, Rhys. As soon as the name entered my brain I knew this story had to be told. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to be comfy writing on the laptop, I opened up a new note in my trusty notes app again and started plotting out the scene unfolding in my head.

200 words.

That’s what I had written about that knife and a man named Rhys. It was barely nothing more than a few bare bones sentences but his story has now turned into a fully blown mystery in my brain. Which makes me a little sad. Why? Because I have been writing Tenley’s story for awhile. Her story is almost halfway done. She’s not talking right now though. Rhys is. That knife is begging me to tell whose blood is dripping from it. Rhys wants me to let you know if he’s a killer.

In the words of the wise Dean Winchester… “SON OF A BITCH!”

I didn’t plan this story.

At least not yet.

Oh well sometimes the best things in life are the things that are unplanned.

Let’s Get Drunk and Make Friends

Today I made a colossal mistake.

One for the record-books people. Someone call Guinness because this bitch, messed-the-fuck-up.

You may be asking yourself what I did that was so major. I’m about to tell you. When publishing with Amazon they give you a choice of royalty percentages. They base it off from the your pricing point, as to which one to choose.

But… they don’t make it very clear.

If your book is $2.99 or below you should choose the 35% royalties. $2.99 and above the 70% royalties. Dumbly, I clicked the wrong one. Because it’s not all that clear. If you price your book at $2.99 which should you choose? Because the 70% should be the right option for all of your hard work, hours put into self edits, money thrown into paying your editor, buying cover art, cover designer, promos, etc. But on the other hand they also list $2.99 as the pricing point for the 35%. Which one did I choose?

The lowest. 

I. Am. An. Idiot.

I’ve changed it now but how does that help for the first 6 weeks worth of royalties? It doesn’t help me at all. It makes Amazon richer.

So, tonight I want to get drunk. And watch Supernatural. Oh and eat pizza.

Me Before You 

Have you ever had a book that you’ve owned since it’s release but have never cracked open the cover? A book that you’ve always had every intention of reading but, life happened? Well, that’s happening to me right now.

Me Before You is a beautifully heartbreaking story. And I’m intimidated by it. Maybe that’s not entirely true. I’m not so much intimidated by it as I am scared to open the pages of my hardcover or bring the eBook up on my kindle. I’ve let my fear of this book rule me for years now. Not months. Not days. Years.

Before I get too far ahead of myself let me state why it scares the bejeezus out of me.

I had a friend spoil the storyline. 

She didn’t mean to spoil it, the words just flung from her laptop keys and she hit send. She had no idea that I’d yet to open my copy.

So for the last couple of years, I’ve rebelled against reading what awaits me behind that beautiful red cover.

Until the movie.

And the soundtrack.

One day I was home alone nursing a migraine and bored. So I thought what the heck, and put the DVD in.  Biggest. Mistake. Ever. Trust me friends, you don’t want to watch a movie that makes you cry, while you’re trying to rid yourself of a migraine. I cried so hard that I gave myself the hiccups AND a worse migraine. But honestly, I didn’t regret it. Not for one single second. Why? Because the movie is  fucking beautiful.

Over the last few weeks, I find myself wanting to watch the movie again. It’s happened. I’ve cried another river each time. I’ve used many Kleenex loving this story and becoming immersed in the actors playing Lou & Will.

Last week while I was working on Finding Tenley, I couldn’t stop listening to this soundtrack. This is one of the those soundtracks. One of the ones that make the movie. The music is perfect. And I adore every single song on the soundtrack.

Tonight after I finished beta reading for a friend, I had to fight the urge to put in the DVD again. I knew that if I did, I wouldn’t get any sleep because I’d have to watch the whole thing. Instead I grabbed my kindle, hit the search and finally opened the book. Eek! I opened the book. And I’ve went one step further, I’m actually reading it.

I know after two chapters that this is going to be one of those books.

The books that stay with you for life.

Dawn L. Chiletz – Indie Author Spotlight & Giveaway

Welcome to my 2nd Indie Author Spotlight.

This week I’m featuring my friend, Dawn L. Chiletz. Her newest release The Fabulist, is unlike anything I’ve ever read before.

She was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. Enjoy.

1. Who/What inspires you to write?

That’s a tough one. Sometimes I’m inspired from my dreams – literal dreams, when I’m sleeping. “The Contest” came from a dream. Sometimes I’ll have a random thought in the shower that turns into a story and sometimes it’s something I hear in passing. I thought of Can’t You See while discussing insurance adjusters with a friend. I’m pretty random. But my boys are my biggest inspiration. I want to show them that no matter how old you are it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

2.The Fabulist is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It’s literally reality television in a book, only better. For someone like me, (a reality television addict) this idea should have been something that was in the forefront of my mind but it wasn’t… what made you think of it?

I was actually trying to help a fellow author come up with a title for her book that had something to do with liars. When I’m brainstorming, I usually end up at an online thesaurus to search words. Every once in a while, I’ll draw a creative thought from a synonym or antonym. In this case, the word Fabulist came up as a synonym for liar. I’d never seen the word before so I searched the meaning of it. I loved the idea of a book called “The Fabulist” because it sounded so original. She didn’t like it and went a different direction and I couldn’t get the word out of my head. That’s what got me started. I wrote Can’t You See while I was still toying with the idea. The reality TV probably came to mind from the definition – a storyteller. I was trying to think of something people could relate to and that’s where the reality TV came from. It’s everywhere these days. The idea of trying to put reality TV into book form excited me. I write best when I’m excited. That’s usually why I write my books so fast – before the inspiration is gone.

3.In The Fabulist we follow Sam along on her journey to potentially win a reality television competition to work for The Fabulist. She has no idea who that is, or what the job entails, only that a fabulist is in essence a liar. How did you come up with what the competition would be for?

I wanted to do a different spin on lying. I loved the storyteller aspect of it. I thought of all the reality TV I’d seen and I knew right away I didn’t want it to be about looking for love. Sam’s character traits were clear to me before I started writing and I knew who she was. I could see her. I could hear her in my head. She was strong willed and fearless. There was no way she’d ever apply for a show to find a man. She didn’t need a man to make her whole. A job was the only way she might try out so I decided to make her jobless. The story fell into place from there. The challenges were another story altogether. I rarely plan in advance for a book. I mostly just let the story flow. When it came time for the first challenge, I realized it would be more difficult than I thought to come up with multiple increasingly difficult challenges for lying. I spent a lot of time doing research and staring blankly at my screen. LOL

4.So, um… heard any good lies lately?

Is there such a thing as a good lie? The book was dedicated to people who lie for the right reasons. I suppose everyone lies for one reason or another. Not all lies are meant to do harm. I think it’s why people can relate. Everyone has lied about something. Have I heard a good lie? Let’s just say I have teenage boys. I hear, “Yes, my homework is done,” daily. Rarely do I believe it. They need to work on their delivery. I’ll never share my notes!

5.For me music plays a big role in my life (and my books). Do you have a favorite band/artist that you listen to while writing? Or do you require complete silence?

Music plays a huge role in my writing, but not how you might think. I draw inspiration from the way certain music makes me feel. But to answer your question, I actually write in complete silence, unless there is music playing in my scene. If there’s music in the story then I’ll listen to a song over and over to make sure I get the mood and flow correct. When I write, it’s like I’m watching a movie in my head. If my characters are listening to music then so am I. If they aren’t then I’m not either. I don’t have a particular band I listen to. For me it’s about emotion. I listen to a little bit of everything.

6.What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? Best compliment?

I think some of the toughest criticism has come in the form of reviews. At first, it was hard to see anything positive in them, but I’ve learned to take them as opportunities to improve myself. There have been so many best compliments I don’t know how to narrow it down to just one. I can say that one of the best was hearing that my story helped someone and made a difference in their life. To me that is the greatest gift you can get as an author.

7. Sometimes I like to imagine that I’m my favorite book character, (don’t judge). If you could be any character for one day, who would you be? Why?

Me, judge? Never! Who hasn’t wanted to be a character from a book? I think it’s one of the reasons I write. It’s therapy. I can live a thousand lives. Hmm… Who would I want to be? Bella from Twilight because – Edward! I also wouldn’t mind being Lake from Slammed, Ana from Fifty Shades, Ellie from Defining Moments, or even Everly from Enough. Why? Because they were all so strong. I love strong female characters that overcome obstacles and odds. They’re who I want to be when I grow up. If I grow up!

Buy The Fabulist


Buy Can’t You See


Buy Enough


Buy Waiting to Lose


Buy The Contest


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Stay up to date on all her latest news, check out her website. Click here to check it out.


For a chance to win the books above, follow this link. —> GIVEAWAY!


Get in the Car, Jupiter – Fisher Amelie

Today, I fell in love with a chick named Jupiter.

You may have seen her around for the last few days. She’s stunning. Hold on, lemme share her cover, so y’all can drool with me.


I know, I know. It’s perfection, right? What makes it even more so is, the words written on the pages. Jupiter is quirky. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and well, she likes being happy. If she wants to do something, she pretty much does it. Simply put… Jupiter rocks my socks.

But… Ezra. Oh my Gato! EZRA! He’s the perfect yin to Jupiter’s yang. The peanut butter to her crazy jelly.

Jupiter Corey’s family isn’t conventional. When she finds herself accepted to a university on the other side of the country, she knows they’ll never approve. Or help her get there. No help with applying for grants, no help with bus fare, airline tickets, nothing. One day her world literally collides with that of Ezra Brandon. She was daydreaming about him and didn’t hear the buzzer letting her know class was dismissed. She ran smack dab into Ezra.

After convincing Ezra to drive her to college when the summer ends, they leave on the trip of a lifetime. Add in one oddly weird and charming cousin (Here’s looking at you, Kai!) and we have shenanigan’s galore. The things that happen along the way could only happen to someone as quirky and charming as Jupiter.

Without giving more away, let me say this… I adored this book. It was just what I needed to get through this chilly fall day.

Buy Jupiter on Kindle

Buy Jupiter for Nook

Buy Jupiter for Kobo

Buy Jupiter for iBooks


Check out bellow for a fun interview of Jupiter by Ezra.


“Jupiter” – A sort of-kind of-not really interview by Ezra Brandon.

Ezra: Hello, Jupiter.
Jupiter: Hello, idiot.
Ezra: That wasn’t very nice.
Jupiter: Consider it a preemptive strike.
Ezra: I won’t do anything mean, Jup. Promise.
Jupiter: I don’t believe you.
Ezra: You’re so untrusting.
Jupiter: Color me whatever you want. You’re a fickle boy.
Ezra: First question. How well do you know your planet?
Jupiter: *glowers* Not well at all. I avoided the subject, for obvious reasons.
Ezra: Did you know that Jupiter is a gas giant?
Jupiter: *Stands up and points at Ezra* I knew it! I knew it! Fisher, he’s being mean! Tell him to stop.
Ezra: *Laughs*
Fisher: Ezra, would you please refrain from astronomy themed humor?
Ezra: Ugh! You’re no fun, Fisher. Fine, Jupiter, you want to be a stick in the mud, be a stick in the mud.
Jupiter: Just ask your questions, Ezra.
Ezra: Fine.
Jupiter: Fine.
Ezra: *takes a deep breath* Did you know that Jupiter is the heaviest?
Jupiter: *Jumps forward. Wraps hands around Ezra’s neck.*
Ezra: *garbled* Fisher! Fisher!
Fisher: *Files nails* You play with fire, boy.
Ezra: *garbled* Fisher! Help!
Fisher: *puts down nail file. Sighs.* Jupiter, please refrain from suffocating Ezra.
Jupiter: *Lets Ezra go. Straightens clothing. Sits down.*
Ezra: *Rubs at neck. Smiles* You’re so hot when you get mad.
Jupiter: *Rolls her eyes but fights a smile.* You’re an idiot.
Ezra: I know this. Now kiss me.
Jupiter: No.
Ezra: Come on, give me a kiss, Jupiter.
Jupiter: *Laughs* No way, Jose.
Ezra: *Gets on knees.* Please, Jupiter!
Jupiter: I have you right where I want you. Dance for me, puppet.
Ezra: What does a guy have to do to get a kiss from you?
Jupiter: Tell me something nice and I might consider it.
Ezra: Does it help that I only play like that because I’m super in to you?
Jupiter: *Leans imperceptibly forward* Maybe.
Ezra: Will it also help to know that I think about you all the time?
Jupiter: *Leans in a bit further* Possibly.
Ezra: And what if I told you that I think you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met?
Jupiter: *Leans a mere few inches away from Ezra* It doesn’t stink.
Ezra: Okay, how about if I tell you how much I love to talk with you, and laugh with you, and play around. And that I think you’re the most fun I’ve ever had. And I hate the fact that I can’t be with you every single second of every single day.
Jupiter: Go on.
Ezra: You’re my best friend, Jupiter.
Jupiter: Bingo. That’s the one.
Ezra: *Smiles* I’m gonna tackle you to the ground now, Jup.
Jupiter: *Smiles back*



Fire Away – Chris Stapleton

I know, I know, another music post. But bear with me. It comes with an important message.

If you recall my previous post, you’ll remember that I’m a sucker for good lyrics. This song was kind of like that but also kind of not. If that makes any sense. The lyrics didn’t connect with me until after Chris released it as a single and filmed the video. The lyrics are simple and when Chris sings them, they’re absolutely beautiful.



Honey load up your questions
And pick up your sticks and your stones
And pretend I’m a shelter for heartaches
That don’t have a home
Choose the words that cut like a razor
And all that I’ll say

Is fire away
Take your best shot
Show me what you got
Honey, I’m not afraid
Rear back and take aim
And fire away

Well, I wish I could say
That I’ve never been here before
But you know and I know
That I’ll always come back for more
Your love might be my damnation
But I’ll cry to my grave

Fire away
Take your best shot
Show me what you got
Honey, I’m not afraid
Rear back and take aim
And fire away

Fire Away – Chris Stapleton (video)

Amazing right? But admittedly not something that originally stuck with me. It took his vision for the video to do that for me. Here’s why… I’m a depressant. It’s just a part of who I am, it started in high school and has never truly gone away. Sure some days it’s harder than others but mostly, I’m just me. I’ve never been extremely bad, but it’s there, a hidden part of me. This video highlights mental illness and especially depression. It originally came with a PSA attached but after so many views, they took the PSA off from the beginning, I’m not exactly sure why. Personally, I feel like it’s still needed.

Now every single time I hear this song, I think about how strong I am. And about how much, I want other’s voices to be heard. No one is ever truly alone. And yet, not everyone knows your story if you’re suffering. Because we’ve been taught to not speak of these things by society and that’s not okay. 

The lyrics accompanied by it’s video made me see how silent we really are when it comes to mental illness. I guess what I’m trying to say is this.

You. Are. Not. Alone. 

Don’t ever feel like you can’t talk to someone, anyone. Even a stranger. Someone is always willing to listen. Message me, I’ll talk to you. I like to talk, just ask my friends. Or call this number. It’s for the National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255 and people answer those phones 24/7.

Another amazing organization is Project Semicolon. If you’d like more info on them, click here.

Remember, you are loved. And tomorrow will always be a brighter day.

I know this was a deep post, I promise for the rest of the week, they’ll be more upbeat. ❤