Adventures on the road with D.B. 

I’m a traveler.

Or at least I like to think of myself as such. Counting this year, I’ve been a “snowbird” for 3 years. We started our grand journey cross country late this fall, and instead of leaving in October we’ve only left this last week.

Yesterday was… interesting.

After we left Michigan, we stayed in Indiana for a few days, while a couple of things were looked over on the 5th wheel. Once all was well, (or as good as it will be until the spring) we left for the open road and the city lights of Nashville.

If you know anything about me, you should know that I love Nashville. It’s hard to explain but it’s like as soon as I step out of the vehicle, the city calls to me, telling me that I’m home. Okay, cheesy moment over. Let’s get to the good stuff. The creepy stuff. Yep. Creepy stuff.

Our drive through Indiana was for the most part uneventful. We waved while driving by the Vera Wang warehouse, cried while passing by the Ulta warehouse, and even shed a few tears when we passed the Nestle bunny.

It all started once we crossed the Kentucky state line. Literally.

Louisville is normally a nice drive for us, we love looking at all the cool architecture while checking out the skyline. We like passing the airport, ballpark, cute little shops, etc. Yesterday was no different in that aspect. It was still fun. But, we were greeted with a big traffic delay on the bridge leading into the city. All was well, Mama & myself were watching the people in neighboring vehicles, (I’m talking to you truck full of hot Army dudes!) all while keeping an eye on Pops behind us in the truck pulling the 5th wheel. Traffic eventully shifted into one lane, but that was okay. It wasn’t that long of a delay, besides we could use the little break it gave us. Once we came upon the source of said delay, the tables turned. It was what appeared to be a one truck accident. Mama and I were checking out the damage and not paying attention to the traffic MOVING ahead of us. We were stopped dead. Causing the traffic behind us to stay stopped as well. While we gawked at the damage of the accident causing the delay in the first place. What broke us out of our trance was a big, and I mean big, police officer screaming at us to move.

We should’ve known then our adventure was taking a turn.

After passing through Louisville fairly quickly, we lost Pops. Yes people, we completely 100% lost my dad. He went one way when the highway split (the wrong way, I might add) while I went the other. So, I pulled off to the side of the highway right after the split while Mama called him. We nearly died. Do not ever stop on the side of the highway. At least not where it splits. At least move a little further ahead. Every single time a semi passed in those few seconds, I thought my little car was going to be ripped in half. Before the phone call to Pops was finished, I was pulling back into traffic. Screw it, he could meet up with us later. So that’s what we did. We drove about 15 miles and met him further on. We also made him turn on his directions so that he wasn’t lost if he was seperated from us again. Disaster averted. For now.

About an hour later, we’re singing along to the radio, when I glance up into my rearview window. What I saw scared me. Correction. What I saw creeped me the fuck out. Why? Because it was the same semi that had been behind me for awhile now. (Pops was behind him.) Normally this wouldn’t scare me. Not at all. I’m cool with semitrucks. I dig ’em. Just not this one.

Nope. Nope. Nope. 

Do you remember the movie Joyride w/Paul Walker? It’s about two brothers on a roadtrip who mess around with a trucker on the cb radio. Let’s just say that what happens isn’t pretty.

And this semi behind me?

It’s similar to the semi from Joyride. Not the same colors but it scares me just the same. Why? Because every time I glance up, it’s gaining speed and nearly eating my car. Think I’m lying? Uh eh, am not.


During my mini freakout, I grabbed my phone and took a video of the truck in my rearview. (I know, I know, it was dangerous. Sorry, but I needed proof!) So what do I do next? Slow down of course. Because I wanted this truck to pass me. I wanted him gone. Buh-bye, see ya later, that’s all folks! Instead of mearly passing me he gains speed, and almost eats my car, again.

What should I do now? Speed up? Change lanes? Slow down and pull over?


Before I can voice my struggles out loud, he makes the choice for me. He finally passes me. Whew. Bye dude. It was nice knowing ya. Kinda. Maybe. Okay, I’m lying, it wasn’t nice knowing you!

Phew, I can breathe again.

By now though, Pops needs to stop for gas. So we pull over in Elizabethtown. Our stop takes us around twenty minutes and we’re back on the road. It won’t be long now before we see the Nashville skyline. Crossing over the Tennesee state line, Mama needs to use the restroom so we stop at the welome center. I’m putting the car into park, while glancing up into the rearview mirror again, to see where Pops parked.

Holy. Shit. The. Semi. Pulled. In. And. Parked. Right. Next. To. Pops. 

I’m yelling to Mama about the truck. Freaking-the-fuck-out. While at the same time trying to hide behind my steering wheel.

How did he end up behind us again? What are the odds that he’d park next to Pops? Is he following us? OMG is it like Joyride for real, only ya know, without the cb radio?

Mama is laughing at me, while she gets out of the car. She’s not waiting for me to attempt to make myself smaller and disappear. She has to use the restroom. So do I, but you know, I want to live. But I mean, it’s only a movie right? So I get out of the car and hurry as fast as I can, inside the building. When we make it back outside, Pops is waiting for us with Teagan (our dog). Mama pulls him to the side and points out the truck and tells him the story. The both laugh at me.

I mean, I guess it’s funny.

And maybe I watch too many movies.


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