I’ve got this special group of friends.

This group… Man.

It’s hard to describe exactly what they mean to me, but I’ll try. (Again.)

A little over 3 years ago, I stumbled upon this author. She was semi-popular at the time and on the verge of blowing the fuck up. After devouring two of her books, I found this group on Facebook devoted only to her. So I asked to join. Quickly, I bonded with a few ladies. My friendship with them, turned into a deeper friendship and that in turn had us create a smaller more intimate group where we go to talk about any books. And borrowing them. So, we stayed in the author group we met in (because hello, she’s amazing!) and she even ended up following us along into our new smaller group. It’s more like a small gang. A cool gang. One with books. 😃

Here’s the kicker. We rarely talk about books in this book group. There’s roughly 60 of us in there. But there are some days, that I don’t know how I’d get through my day, without these assholes. They complete me. I’ve met a handful of them in real life. But I didn’t have to meet them for me to love them any more.

We band together when things get rough. One has breast cancer, she’s not fighting alone, we’re fighting with her. One recently found out some devistanging news about her son’s health. We’ve banded together to help her though. Another one’s husband is a Marine, we keep her in good spirits when he’s gone or in training. Several of us are sick, going through stressful issues. Flooding in the Louisiana floods, son suffering from CF, or your hubby’s a big dick and is asking for a divorce. Two new babies were born in our group over the last year. We’re the proudest group of Aunties (and one Uncle) ever. No matter what any of us has going on… It’s not a problem because… WE GOT YOU.  

These people have become my best friends. They know every single thing about me. Good or bad. And they love me like I am. They know things that even my family didn’t know about until a couple of years ago. But these assholes, know.

What I’m trying to say is this. You don’t have to personally meet someone in real life for them to make an impact on your life. I’ve met a few of these ladies and yes I’m closer to them after meeting them in person but, our bond started online, over books. It’s spread and become something precious to me. Vital.

I love my special gang. We may all be assholes, pirate hookers, bitches, jerks, and a couple of cute babies, but I love y’all. So fucking much. Even that Carleen lady. Esp when she forgets to shower. Or wear pants.

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