Welcome to my website/blog. Eek!

I’m going to try my hand at blogging. As a way to let you (my readers) know everything going on in my day to day life. I can’t promise that’ll be much, but stick with me. In time, I plan on making this blog my bitch.

In the following days/weeks, I’ll be posting reviews of the books I’m reading, as well as snippets of my current W.I.P. Be sure to check back often to see what’s new and exciting around here. I’m planning on posting at least once every Monday with an update on what I’m currently reading. Or who knows, maybe I’ll make a list of posts to schedule for each day, so that you are more informed on when Finding Tenley will be released. I’m aiming for early winter.

If by chance you stumbled upon my site on accident. Welcome! And if on the off chance you haven’t read Seventeen Days yet… What are you waiting for? You can grab you copy by clicking on the title¬†below. It’s available in Kindle eBook ($2.99), Kindle Unlimited (free is you subscribe) and Paperback ($12.99). If you’d like an autographed copy, contact me. I sell them for $15.00 (that includes shipping). U.S. only.

Seventeen Days


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